Some links for the participants of TIPPA 2022 (24–25 March)

Some links for the participants of TIPPA 2022 (24–25 March)

For the third time in a row, I was a presenter at the yearly TIPPA meeting, which is The Annual International Publication Planning Meeting. This time, I gave a brief overview of what’s happening in the NLG field and tried to analyze how this development will affect us, our professions, and the society we live in.

For this presentation, I picked out three companies as interesting examples:

  • Sweden-based United Robots because it has quickly become an exciting player on both sides of the Atlantic, not least in the field of automated journalism.
  • Sweden-based Cowrite as I find their cover letter builder intriguing; with a template based on classical rhetoric, it has apparently proved itself effective.
  • Germany-based AX Semantics as they are one of the companies that are focusing on the pharmaceutical sector. For example, they claim that 30% of the work on clinical study reports can now be automated.

I welcome all participants to stay in touch, perhaps even drop me a line! Take care! //O.

Some starting points

NLG in Pharma

Some companies that are working on NLG-based tools and solutions for the pharmaceutical field:

NLG services for science writing

Using NLG services for literature review


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