The exploration starts …

The exploration starts …

My name is Olle, and I miss the wider discussion about how NLG technology (Natural Language Generation) will affect media, marketing, work-life, business, education, research, society, and—ultimately—the human condition.

To address that, I created this blog. My intention is to learn, explore, and discuss in order to help my readers gain insights, discover new possibilities (as well as threats), and be prepared for disruptive change—wherever that will take us. My approach will be open-minded and optimistic, but I will also give voice to my concerns.

Today, I work as a freelance writer in the fields of science, tech, and medicine. In addition, I also teach early-career scientists how to communicate more effectively. Finally, I am a non-fiction author in the field of popular history; in this professional role, I also evaluate the writing of others, being a member of one of Sweden’s most influential scholarship boards.

Please note: all texts on this blog are produced by me, Olle Bergman, or invited human writers. When robot-written sections are added to serve as examples or to demonstrate a point, this is clearly indicated.


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